The Forty-Fives - Fight Dirty

12 Tracks - 38:28 min


Atlanta, GA


Samples/MP3 /240723/ref=m_art_dp/104-7634022-8580710

Where to buy in Germany


“The Forty Fives”are something like a funky version of “The Replacements”. Their songs have a lot of energy, the style is a little bit “old-fashioned”, exactly the kind of music we like. Listening to this record, you will remember great bands like the “Flammin Groovies” or the “J. Geils Band”. Check the samples and buy (we can´t find the CD in german stores - go to
We are waiting for a German tour.

Highlights of 12 great songs:
the opener “trying to get next to you” (with some hot “Flammin Groovies”-guitars)
“Hideout” (great keyboards)
“What a way to go” (funky)
“the devil beats his wife” (punky)
“my kind of girl”
“hanging at a thread”