Reviews February/March 2003

The Stone Coyotes - Ride away from the world (15 Tracks - 55:03 min) album of the month February 2003

After listing the first time to this album our vote was clear. This is absolutly fantastic guitar rock from a family trio (mother, father and son)! The voice of Barbara Keith, great songs and a lot of power. Download the free MP3 song “the first lady of rock” and you will understand our enthusiasm. Buy this album, if you can get it!
Highlights: The opener “I don´t know why”, “slip the shackle” (very heavy), “Pennslyvania Coal Mine” and the Black Sabbath-Cover “Paranoid”.
We are waiting for a German tour of this great band.
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squint - tinsel life (11 Tracks - 39:15 min) album of the month March 2003

Here we have the next bing thing in our review section. we can´t remember how long ago we heard so many great power-pop-punk songs on one single album. It´s hard to find only some highlights and we recommend to download the free MP3´s of the first two songs “anthem for closure” and “glimmer and phrase”. Afterwards we are sure you´ll buy this great album to listen to the rest.
squint is the next band, we are waiting to meet here in Germany. Is there any chance?
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Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars - Ride free EP (6 Tracks - 26:18 min)
The great title song and opener “ride free” is classic 70s rock, with strong keyboards (remember John Lord). The rest of this EP is a mixture of Country, Rock and Blues. The higlights for us are the uptempo songs “Hidden Treasure” and “Greasy Spoon”. There are a lot of MP3´s to download. Test it!
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Candyheads - Promo-CD
On monday the 5th of may, Candyheads will release their debut album “go forth and muliply” on Track2Records. We got a Promo-CD before and it sounds good. There seems to be a new great power-pop band from the U.K.. Listen to the MP´3s on their homepage. “Falling down” is our favourite. We will bring a full review after getting the album.
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Elroy - Elroy (11 Songs - 41:25 min) - rocktip
Elroy brings “just” great rock with some real highligts on their debut album. The opener and single “Mexican Soap Star” is followed by another potential hit “Madina” (this is one of the songs you can download for free and you should do it). More highligts: “Trans-Atlantic Blues” and “Smoking Dope and Watching TV”. We still have allways a lot of fun, listening to this album. This is a clear rocktip - buy it!
How about a german tour?
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Audrey Auld - Losing Faith (13 Songs - 43:07 min)
Australian Audrey Auld recorded her second album “with a little help of her alternative country friends” Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier and Kieran Kane. Highlights are in our opinion the uptempo-songs “heartache” and “trashin´ da blues”. Sound samples here. We found also some interesting MP3´s from Auld/Eaglesmith.
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Sam Morrison Band - Sam Morrison Band (8 Songs - 37:51 min) - rocktip
This is classic southern rock and we like it. The opener “I gotta ride” is a great song. Other highlights are “I don´t know”, “Ready or not”, “Peacekeepers” and the long cover-version of the southern-rock-classic “can´t you see”. This is also a rocktip. Check the samples and buy!
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Joe Croker - All the pretty Girls (14 Songs - 49:36 min) -
Joe Croker brings various of music styles on his debut album. You will find Rock, Pop, Country, Blues and more. “A better excuse” for example is a swing number. Check the samples on the homepage. Higlights: “Ride it”, “The other one” and “Mighty hard pleasure”.
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Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes - Everday Stories (10 Songs - 40:20 min)
Darrell Arnold is an american singer who plays with his Bielfeld (Germany)-based band the Dead Buffaloes. This album won the German Rock Prize for “CD Production of the year”. Darrell has a voice that remembers to R.E.M.. The songs are “mainstream american rock”, our favourite is “dark streets of america”. Check the MP3´s.
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Two Cow Garage - Please turn the gas back on (11 Songs - 47:22 min) - rocktip
Alt. Country and roots rock are the main styles of this great band from Ohio. They have a lot of power and they have great songs like “forget you (try to)” (a number one hit in a better world), “river”, and the punky “youngstown, the city of”. This album is a rocktip! There are lots of MP3´s on their homepage. Check it!
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Ethan Bessey - Old Dogs, something new (13 Songs - 39:23 min)

Singer/Songwriter Ethan Bessey has a real great voice, and on his new album he also presents some very good songs with very poetic lyrics. We like most “Oridinary Life”, “Rusted old car” and “trash”. Check the samples!
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The Coming Grass - transient (14 Songs - 61:59 min) - rocktip
More than an hour of great music are waiting to be discovered by you. The Coming Grass are back after their debut and they improved again dramaticly. The opener “Dealmaker” is a powerfull great song. Nate Schrock and Sara Cox again change at lead vocals and some other highlihts are “Stowaway”(Rock), “Guard down” (Blues) and “fix your own cup of tea” (Country). This album gets an rocktip. Here the samples and buy the CD!
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Greg Trooper - Floating (12 Tracks - 41:34 min)
We also got a Promo-CD of the not officially released album “floating” from Singer/Songwriter Greg Trooper. There are some very good songs on it. We like must “the road so long”, “hummingbird” and “december skies”. Check the “older”MP3´s on his homepage.
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Newgrange - Time Stands Still (5 Tracks - 20:12 min)
Eine neue EP der Band Newgrange. Eine Weiterentwicklung zur letzten EP. Hörproben der Rockband, die sich wohltuend vom Einheitsbrei abhebt, gibt es auf der Homepage.Unser persönlicher Favorit auf der neuen Scheibe: “Believe”.
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Homeslice - EP (2 Tracks - 10:09 min)
Homeslice bringen auf Ihrer EP dynamischen Indie-Rock. Weitere Songs gibts zum Download auf der Homepage. Momentan sind die Jungs auf Tour. Hier die Daten. Schaut doch mal bei einem Konzert vorbei.
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