Nach der Reunion der Del Lords mit anschliessender Europa-Tour war es nach 13 Jahren mal wieder an der Zeit ein paar Fragen an Eric “Roscoe” Ambel zu stellen.

Interview with Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (done by mail)
Hello Eric. Im very proud that we are able to start our interview section “new” with you. You are a member of our all time favourite bands like "The Del Lords", "Roscoes Gang" or "The Yayhoos". In 2013 you surprised us with a "Del Lords reunion album including a fantastic European Tour. Did you allways have contact with the guys during all the years and what are the "Del Lords" plans for the future?
I would occasionally see Scott and Frank from the Del-Lords over the years. I had done some recording with Frank in the ’90’s. It wasn’t until a promotor in Spain wore us down with an offer to tour over there that we got back together to play and record.

With which of your other projects do you schedule to record or tour in 2014? Any chance to see you in Europe/Germany again this year? Still in contact with Dan Baird who is frequently touring in Europe?
We hope to come back to Europe this year with the Del-Lords. Hopefully for some festivals. I do keep in touch with Dan Baird. He’s a very busy man!

You are also working as a producer of some high ranked artists in charts like "Esquella" or "Spanking Charlene". What are your upcoming projects in this section and are there any plans to bring somebody to Europe (or better Germany) for a tour?
I just finished a record for a band called Girls, Gus & Glory from Boston. Their new record is called Good Luck. They have been playing in Europe a bunch.
Also recently did a side project for the principals of Spanking Charlene called “Sad Bastards of Brooklyn”. You can hear it here.

You also have been famous as the runner of the "Lakeside Lounge", a New York Club that gave a lot of promissing Bands a stage. Now you had to close it. What is the story behind it and do you have any plans for something similar?
Lakeside Lounge was in business for 16 years in the highly competitive East Village in Manhattan. It got way to expensive for us to carry on and also the neighborhood had changed so much we decided to close rather than let the place go down hill. We had a big party. I have no plans to open a new place but I don’t say “never"

What are your top albums of 2013?
Jason Isabel’s record and also a record by JD Simo from Nashville

Do you like some of the music that is leading the charts?
I can’t say that I like to much of the recent pop stuff.

What are your all time favourites artists/bands/albums?
Jerry Lee Lewis: Live at the Star Club,
Shelby Lynne: I Am Shelby,
Sonny Rollins: Way Out West,
Beatles: Revolver,
Glenn Campbell:Ghost on the Canvas,
Rolling Stones: Tattoo You,
Johnny Thunders: So Alone,
ZZ Top: La Futura,
Bob Marley: Live at Lyceum.

Do you want to end with a message to your German fans?
I really appreciate all the folks who come out to see us when we play in Germany. I love the people and the food and the different parts of the country too.

Thank you very much for your time