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Cliff and Jon (Say Zuzu)

1) Your latest album "every Mile" has been voted "album of the year" on Tell us something about this great record.

Cliff: We recorded "Every Mile" in the spring/summer of 2001. We had been ready to record a new album since a few months after the release of our "Bull" Cd in 1998. We're very excited to have the album out now -  there had been a number of false starts with record companies between '98  and '01, and so we've been grateful for the support Blue Rose has shown us. They gave us complete artistic control over the album, which is what we'd always wanted in a record deal, and they believed in our songs. So it's good to have the record company on your side - it's something that doesn't usually happen in the music business, which is unfortunate. We're the lucky ones!

2) How does it sell in Europe (Bluerose-Record s) and in the States? 

Cliff: Our strongest fan bases are in Italy, the Netherlands, New Hampshire (our home state, near Boston), Boston, Chicago, a number of places in the American South. We're excited about the response we've  seen from Germany. In particular, there's this one great German website  called which is just  fantastic, and has said all sorts of great things about us...

3) Which albums has "Say Zuzu" released before and which are "must  have albums" for a fan of "every Mile"?

Jon: I think the new album definitely shows where we are at the moment. I  think our albums have each always had a slightly different feel, without  changing what we are. I really like "Highway Signs & Driving Songs", and  " Bull" the most. I think those are the one's that we get the  most comments on. From a personal standpoint, they have a lot of good  memories that accompany them, and musically they seem to capture something  special and unique about the band.

Cliff: "Every Mile" is our sixth  album. The albums in our catalog that best represent what we do are "Every Mile," "Bull," and "Highway Signs & Driving Songs" in that order. Bull is from 1998, and Highway Signs & Driving Songs is from 1995. Those  are the albums that we're happiest with, and which have been the most  popular releases for us.

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4) We heard, that you´ll be on an European Tour in may and june. What can we expect?

Jon: Unfortunately, it looks as thought we will only be getting to Europe this Fall. Probably October from the looks of things. We can't wait. May  and June seemed to creep up on us quickly, and we couldn't put it together quick enough. We'll get there though!

Cliff: We will be touring Europe with several monkeys,giraffes, a bearded lady, and 20 large elephants. Just kidding. You can expect a good old fashioned rock'n'roll show. No gimmicks, just rocking.

5) Tell us more about the members of "Say Zuzu". Where are the roots  of their music? Do they have any side-projects?

Cliff: I met Jon Pistey when I was in college. We became friends because  we were both fans of the same type of roots rock, and we liked to smoke cigars. He writes his own songs, and had been living in Nashville for a  while, feeling miserable, so we rescued him by asking him to become our roadie/guitar tech back in 1999. He's been with us  ever since.

Jon: Tim played drums in a band with my brother (and original ZuZu bassist) James in college. He's an old pal from way  back. He'd been playing drums casually in a bunch of bands, and had actually just finished school when he heard we needed a drummer. He called us right  away, and it worked out perfectly  It feels like keeping it in the family  having these two guys with us.

6) What are your favorite bands or artists?

Cliff: Many of them will be obvious in our Top Ten lists, so I'll just mention some bands I'm currently listening to that are lesser known  than the Springsteen's and Beatles of the world:
Ware River Club - Don't  Take It Easy - Natural Disaster Records
Mulehead - any of their albums - see
Melvern Taylor - "The Spider & The Barfly" - Broken White Records
Slaid Cleaves - Broke  Down - Philo
Slobberbone - Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong
Today - New West

Jon:  I'd say alot of the same, but I'd add a great indie band from Austin, TX- Grand Champeen. They rock.

7) Would you tell us your personal Top-Ten-albums of all time?

Jon: Hmmmm,....tough
U2- Joshua Tree
Bruce- Darkness on the Edge of Town
Bob- Blood on the Tracks
Tom Waits- Mule Variations
Uncle  Tupelo-March 16-22
Neil Young- After the Goldrush
Beatles-Abbey  Road
Stones-Exile on Mainstreet
Willie- Stardust
Tom Pirozzoli (local)- Travels

Cliff: This is a tough question, and it looks like  I've picked around 15. Many of them probably seem really obvious, and while it would be more hip of me to list only albums you've never heard  of, here are my favorites:
Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde
The Beatles  - Revolver
Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country, or Willie & The Poor Boys
Hank Williams - 40 Greatest  Hits
Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger, or Stardust
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - This Year's Model
Neil Young - Harvest
Bruce Springsteen - The River or Nebraska
Uncle Tupelo - March 16-20
Wilco - Being There
Elvis - Sun Sessions or Elvis  '56
Johnny Cash - Sun Sessions
Merle Haggard - Down Every Road

8) What do you wan´t to say to your german fans?

We have fans?! Kidding. Thank you to all who like our music. We hope to play for you soon, and to continue to rock for a long time to come.  So be  sure to come see us, and to spread the word!

Thank you very much Cliff and Jon!

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