eMail-Interview with Steve Postell (Little Blue)


Steve Postell (Little Blue)

1) The latest album of Little Blue is out now. Please tell us something about it. 

We recorded this CD both in my Aspen, Colorado studio, and in the Los Angeles studio owned by our keyboardist/co-producer Jed Leiber. Jed's place (The Studio @ The Sunset Marquis) is a state of the art facility that has recorded artists ranging from Madonna, to Aerosmith, to Jeff Beck and ofcourse to Little Blue. We had a lot of fun with this record, and I think it's very true to the feeling we get when we play live. We have some cool co-writes with people like John Oates(Hall & Oates), Kip Winger(Winger) and Jeff Pevar(Crosby, Pevar & Raymond/ Jazz Is Dead). The CD shows the range of the band; soloing, composition, 4 part harmony, it's all hopefully well represented. 

2) We think that the music of Little Blue is great. But what about success? 

Do you sell lots of copies? We hope that with the support we had in the press for our last CD, "Angels, Horses & Pirates" (4.5 stars in Rolling Stone Magazine, etc.) and the backing of the "Blue Rose" label and our new management company "Mad Music", we will be able to do well. We have a tour booked for January which we are really excited about and this should much fun as we have recording our CD's, Little Blue is really a live band in the old tradition, in other words, we can actually perform the material, (no lip-synching required.)

3) You will be in Germany on January. What will be the lineup of Little 

Blue? We will have all the primary players from the "Straight For The Moon" CD: Steve Postell: guitars, vocals // Michael Jude: bass, vocals // John Michel: drums, vocals // Damian Smith: guitars, vocals // Jed Leiber: keyboards. We are pleased to have the support and sponsorship of The Aspen Skiing Company for this tour.

4) Will you perform also the songs of the fantastic first album? 

First of all, thank you for the kinds words about "Angels, Horses & Pirates". Yes, our show will include songs from both CD's, as well as some surprises we pull out of our bag of the 100's of classic rock, blues and r&b songs we know.

5) What are your latest or actual projects? 

We have been primarily preparing for the release and tours regarding "Straight For The Moon", but everyone has been busy doing there side projects during this time when we are not touring. Drummer John Michel is in New York working on some album projects with producer "Rick Wake" (Celin Deon) and has been recording with Billy Joel. Jed Leiber is in LA where he is running his studio, writing with many people including Burt Bacharach, and starting his own Record Company. Damian Smith is in Chicago working on his 2nd solo CD project. Michael Jude and I are producing an acoustic CD of an offshoot project called "A Little Less Blue". This features Michael, myself, our drummer John Michel playing percussion, and the fabulous Jeff Pevar playing guitars, mandolin, dobro, banjo, resonators etc. Jeff, who has played with Ray Charles, Phil Lesh, James Taylor and many others, continues to perform and record with David Crosby, and has been performing with Jazz Is Dead. Little Blue is also putting the finishing touches on our website:

6) What are your favorite bands or artists?

Everyone in the band would have there own favorites, and I'll be sure to ask them. For me, I tend to still find the artists of today a little less compelling than those of the 60's and 70's rock era. I will always love the Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, CSN &Y, Otis Redding, and so much more from that time. Today I love what Bruce Cockburn is doing, as well as the recent work of Steve Earle. The Foo Fighters and Third Eye Blind are contemporary bands making cool records. Macy Gray has some interesting stuff, although if I'm really in the mood for R&B I'm still going to put on Al Green or Curtis Mayfield and hear the real thing.

7) Would you tell us your personal Top-Ten-albums of all time?

Ok, this was not easy, and I am sticking to rock/pop...i.e. no jazz/classical/world music. Sadly, that means no Miles Davis (Kind Of Blue).

8) Do you want to say something about the 11th September and the war against terrorism?

I grew up in New York City and still live there part of the time, so this hit particularly close to home. Mostly I find it a very sad time in the evolution of the vast cultures of mankind. The brutality through history that man is capable of and willing to inflict on one another is one of the mysteries of our fragile world. Personally I suspect that even in difficult times the world still seems to need art, or at least entertainment, so we'll keep rocking away as best we can.

9) What do you wan´t to say to your german fans?

Being a die-hard lifelong Beatles fan, I always have been fascinated by their connection to Germany, and by the thought that without that little club in Hamburg, pop music as we know it might be dramatically different. So I have always had an innate respect for the musical tastes of the German audience. So far we have been received extremely kindly, and more importantly the music has been appreciated in a way that only a  refined listener can experience. So we thank you, and eagerly look forward to performing in Germany this January.

Thank you very much Steve!