Die CD der Yayhoos ist diese Woche bei Blue-Rose erschienen. Vorab einige Infos von Eric Ambel zu der Scheibe. Das Review zum Album gibts hier.
Ausserdem: eMail-Interviews mit Dan Baird und Eric Ambel.

We thank "Roscoe" and Dan for their support!

Yayhoos facts

Dan Baird, the gaptoothed singer that tore it up with the Georgia Satellites and wowed 'em with his two solo records for that bearded entrepreneur Rick Rubin's American Recordings label. Dan has just finished producing Chris Knight's new record "Pretty Good Guy" for Dualtone.  He has also produced records for Mount Pilot and Blue Mountain.  Dan's got a live record coming out very soon in Europe on Blue Buffalo Records called "redneck savant".The group is Dan Baird and the Sofa Kings.
Terry Anderson  who plays drums and some guitar in the Yayhoos wrote the explosive "Battleship Chains" for the 'Satellites and "I Love You Period" for Dan's Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired (on the bearded one's label) . Terry has also written with Big Al Anderson and has had his tunes covered by Etta James and Jo Dee Messina.  The rocking sound of Bunn, NC is all over Terry's 2 ESD records.  Terry's latest solo record I'll Drink To That  is on Not Lame Records.  A while back Terry played drums with the Backsliders.  If you are in Raliegh, you might be lucky enough to find Terry fronting the Olympic Ass Kicking Team from behind the drums.
Keith Christopher is our ringer/wild card.  Dan knew that the whole thing would be a complete farce without the unpredictably fluid expertease of Keith.  Keith has toured and recorded with Shaver, Paul Westerberg and Jack Logan  These days that three named guitar playing blues kid/soon to be a bluesman Kenny Wayne Shepherd has got Keith out there helping him make it happen.  Keith has had his share of songs cut too including one by Brother Ray Charles.
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel  (www.morebarn.com/ambel) who has been on the road with Steve Earle & the Dukes for the past year, knew those guys from his interstate days in a bunch of bands (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Del-Lords,Roscoe's Gang) and has been enabling rock and rollers in the studio producing records for the likes of the Bottle Rockets, Nils Lofgren and Blue Mountain while still finding time to cool his heels in his own jukebox driven Lower East Side nightspot The Lakeside Lounge (www.lakesidelounge.com).  Ambel recorded Fear Not the Obvious  with 6 microphones while playing guitar in the band in Terry's dads garage during a week of songwriting a few years back. The record was mixed at Ambel's Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this spring.
Steve Earle & The Dukes Transcendental Blues Tour (2000-) & video
Steve Earle & The Dukes "Two Girls"  Townes Van Zandt tribute
Run DMC/Everlast "Take The Money and Run" from new record Crown Royal

Interview with Eric "Roscoe" Ambel

The Yayhoos-Album, together with Dan Baird (former Georgia-Satellites), has been released now in Europe by Bluerose-Records. Please tell us more about this record.

the Yayhoos record "Fear Not The Obvious" came from some 
songwriting sessions a few years back at Terry's Dad's barn in North 
Carolina.  We got together with some ideas and finished writing them and recorded them right then with 6 microphones.  It was less than a week and the National Leauge Playoffs were on TV.

You are very busy as a producer. We also are looking forward to a new album of "Eric Ambel and Roscoes Gang". What will be your next projects?

I built my own 24 track analog recording studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn a year or so ago called "Cowboy Technical Services 
Recording Rig".  I've been working on a lot of projects down there.  I share the space with Martins Folly who are an adventuresome recording band from Brooklyn.  I also just started recording some blues tunes that may come out as Roscoe stuff next year.  Been experimenting with the Roscoe stuff.  It has been fantastic to be on the road with Steve Earle and the Dukes in the past year.
Recent Productions from my new studio Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Yayhoos Fear Not The Obvious (Bloodshot) aug 7
Joe Flood Cripplin' Crutch (Diesel Only)  july 17
Big In Iowa Green Pop (Blue Rose) just out
Florence Dore Perfect City (Miss Ruby Records)
Demolition String Band Garden Of Love (Okratone)
Tammy Faye Starlite Used Country Female (Audium)
Martins Folly from Hope Street
Greg Trooper "Between a House and a Hard Place" Live from Pine Hills Farm
Royal City  tracks for next record for this Toronto band
Ryan Adams cut 3 songs, co-wrote one "Liar"
Burnzy/Colleen Mann  3 songs

Will you be on a german tour, soon?

We hope to come to Germany.  We are gonna try to fit it into 
everybody's schedule.  We are playing some dates in the States in September.
As busy as the Yayhoos are its tough to get in one place together.

What are your favorite bands or artists?

Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Martin Medeski & Wood, Sonny Rollins, Hound Dog Taylor

What do you like to tell your german fans?

Please, don't wear dark socks with sandals.  It doesn't look as good as you think it does. 

Interview with Dan Baird

The Yayhoos-Album, together with Eric Ambel has been released now in Europe by Bluerose-Records. Please tell us more about this record.

yes, we wrote most of and recorded all of this cd in a week during 1996 (?) at terry anderson's dad's garage/barn in rural north carolina. it's me, eric, terry, and keith christopher doing everything. if you've got a copy you can see we all played a bunch of different stuff, while eric manned the board, as well as played. it was truely one of the most fun weeks i've ever had. the leader of the band was the guy with the best idea at the time.

A great live album from "Dan Baird & the Sofas Kings" has been released a few weeks ago. Tell us something about this release. 

in august 2000, i brought a band of my hometown buddys to europe to do a 3 week tour. this was recorded in bern at the uptown, because they had a good d.a.t. setup. kyle, the bass player, set the levels and we played the show, listened to it, and said well, why not put it out? took it home, had it mastered and said ok, there it is. the guys at jerkin' crokus did the biz and got rob fletcher to do the art work. all the band and i did is play the show.

What will be your next projects?

i have 2. one has just been picked up by atlantic records. the guy's name is will hoge, and i played guitar on the whole cd. the second will be out in september. a guy named chris knight that i produced and played guitar on.

Will you be on a german tour, soon? 

i hope so.

What are your favorite bands or artists? 

n.r.b.q., lou reed/velvet underground, the replacements, tom petty, stones and beatles, a bunch of stuff that won't make any sense like tom waits and miles davis.

What do you like to tell your german fans? 

i like to tell them howdy